Joseph Allen1

M, #1058, b. 16 June 1677, d. 1 November 1729
Father*Joseph Allen1 b. bt 1621 - 1661?, d. 9 Sep 1721
Mother*Anna Brayier1 b. bt 1627 - 1661?, d. Dec 1720
Relationship8th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon
     Joseph Allen was born on 16 June 1677.1 He was the son of Joseph Allen and Anna Brayier.1 Joseph Allen married Elizabeth Robbins, daughter of Samuel Robbins.1 Joseph Allen died on 1 November 1729 at age 52.1
     He became the father of Prudence Allen on 18 May 1703.1 Joseph Allen became a widower with the death of his wife, Elizabeth Robbins on 12 November 1712.1 Joseph's mother Anna Brayier died in December 1720.1 Joseph's father Joseph Allen died on 9 September 1721.1


     Joseph Allen has ID Tree 5, Individual 10 in Winslow Johnson Damon Family Tree.1


Elizabeth Robbins b. 1676, d. 12 November 1712
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