Because of my own bible study, I started to compile a genealogy of the people in the bible. When I found legendary information connecting some of my own ancient lines to biblical characters, I figured I might as well combine the presentations. This study is based on the presumption that the Biblical record is historically accurate. The one issue with this is that the primary purpose of the Bible was not to be an absolutely accurate historical record, but a record of God interacting with his People. Also, as with all documents that have been transcribed through the ages, there have been some transcription errors that need to be determined and handled.

Biblical Family Tree
Biblical Family Tree, Indented
Listing of all the Biblical People


Initially, the goal was just to build a genealogy of the major family trees of the bible, and that is basically completed. I have expanded that to trying to list EVERYONE mentioned in the bible, using both their English names (as translated by the NIV) and their original language names. (Due to limitations of the software I am using, they may not be strictly sorted correctly and searching may not fully work).
I also have decided to try to include place names, and perhaps some other items that are somewhat unique that are mentioned. I am also looking to cross-reference every mention by "section" (The NIV "Paragraph names").
I also hope to build a "Narative" for everyone (most will be pretty trivial) listing the major things that are mentioned about them and for each book of the bible.


Currently, I think I have enumerated most people listed in the bible. I still to complete an exhaustive pass to catch the remaining minor characters, and to complete the listing of named places.
I will also need to go through the places and try to figure out best guesses of where those places are and build up the "heirarchies" of places as they existed through time, and rough placement on a map (if possible).
I will admit that there is still many years more work to complete this project.